Allow users multiple profiles issue

I want to enable users to create multiple profiles. However when I do this, and an un-registered/guest customer goes to checkout. The Delivery Information block only shows the address field despite being enabled on the block in Layouts. image hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
(I use Unitheme 2 for Multivendor 4.16.2). It should let them enter the address like normal checkout without having to be worried about multiple profiles and save this as their default profile.

On the topic of multiple profiles, is it possible to let customer choose to checkout as individual or under business/company account.

I’m afraid, but I don’t know why these fields might be missing.

As for this part:

I can offer to add another profile field for your customers to let you know how they would like to be treated. Or you can check the third party solutions at the Marketplace

Yes, maybe if I can have an option for customer to checkout as company or as individual, that would be good.