Allow Registered Users To Use Guest Checkout


I'm looking for an addon or mod that can allow registered customers to checkout via the guest checkout without being prompted their email address is already used.

If they want to register they can, if they want to login they can, if they have registered before but want to just checkout as guest next time and fill out order fields they can. User choice!

The cart will just ignore a guest who is checking out with registered customer info rather than stop them.

Currently CS-Cart only allows guests to checkout if they've never registered before but if they have registered in the past then they must login to use that email address. It's a problem when you have users that come back years later and forget they've registered before or just don't want to login in.

I've had customers complain that we are forcing them to register and we won't let them complete their order without logging in. They forget they have done that in the past and don't understand why they can't just checkout as a guest this time around.

Should be up to the customer how they complete the checkout. The cart shouldn't force them to do anything they don't want to do.

Is this a mod that can be made or an addon that can be easily developed?

I'm on 4.3.3


We have customized our One Step Checkout addon to allow 'Registered Users Checking Out As Guests'. Please feel free to contact us here for more details.


What happens if the customer is assigned a group with group discounts and checkout as a guest? Will they stll get the group discount? If not, then I would not want the option for a "Registered Users Checking Out As Guest". The customer would use this and find theat they did not get their group discount, which is assigned to their account.

Would like to know how this will work.




We need to post our review on CSCARTROCKS One Step Checkout yet but I can tell you that is very much worth the money.

Our Guest Checkout Pro addon will solve this problem. Please feel free to have a check.