All Orders Suddenly Left As "open" Instead Of "processed"

Hi there, I've been successfully using CS-cart for years but a few days ago my cart stopped processing orders and I was hoping to get an answer.

I successfully operated my website and processed orders without PayPal IPN intervention but after November 19th my store started giving me messages on orders saying "Accepted, awaiting ipn for processing".

I then went to PayPal, enabled IPN and entered the URL I found on the CS-Cart support forums. Today the IPN appears to work and an order was completed and it was recorded on my PayPal account's history but on my shop the order still appeared as being "open" so customers are no longer provided the contents of their downloads immediately after they purchase which was the main reason I purchased CS-Cart.

I cannot find a solution despite searching for the last 3 days, contacting PayPal and attempting to resolve this so I have to post and ask someone for help. Please and thank you for any answers.

You may need to apply the following patch is included in 4.9.2 release)

What CS-Cart version are you using now?

Thanks, I've tried the patch from tbirnseth and will see how it goes.