All Of The Sudden Db Crashed

Getting this error

Table './DB/cscart_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired (145)

SELECT * FROM cscart_sessions WHERE session_id = '88f9081297ff6959364354c8011f81fe_0_A'

4.2.2 version. Plenty of resources, disk space. One instance server data usage graphs shown usage from average cpu 1-2 to 180-200. Network usage from 1-2mbs to 20mbs.

Can it be hacking doss attempt?

Repair table from phpMyAdmin. Such things happen.

You'd have to review your system logs to determine if it was the result of a DOS attack or not. Obviously something made mysqld crash and left the table in an unknown state.

Main error was "(errno: 24)" that is related to open_files_limit for mysql. As some other forums advice increased 1024 number to 100000.