All-In-One Seo Addon Wishlist

Hi CS-Cart users!

Are you happy with the existing SEO add-ons sold on CS-Cart Marketplace?

We think there's still much that can be done to make SEO easier to manage.

We are in the middle of designing the SEO add-on that will consolidate all automation settings, bulk actions, technical and global configurations in a single interface.

You will be able to see and configure:


-seo url


-meta tags



-page response code

-noindex tags (for pages and categories)

-bulk links settings (noindex, nofollow on the page)

-image alts


-href langs

-protocol (https)

We would like to create something like Screaming Frog SEO Spider but more simple and CS-Cart friendly.

Is there anything that we're missing? Would that kind of addon be useful for you or not?

Let's create a Wishlist of features to include in the best SEO addon of all times.

I have to tell that it looks very promising. How about making redirections? Will it be noindex for tags aswell? How about schema markups?

I'd like to see features and option variants converted into tags and made searchable.