Alexbranding - Advanced Seo Meta Tags By Templates

Let me introduce a new SEO addon - Advanced meta tags by templates
This addon adds possibility to make templates for automatic meta tags generation with special placeholders support for:

  • category pages
  • brand pages
  • product pages
  • content pages

Addon differs from other analogues:

  • allows you to use the placeholder minimum and maximum prices of products in the list (imagine, in the link of the search snippet, the user sees from what price and to what you have products that interest him)
  • allows you to use the number of goods in the list (imagine, in the search link the user besides the price sees also the quantity of goods available on the page)
  • allows you to use the custom H1 for category page addon in your meta tags (yes, if you use the free HI header for the category page addon, then this header is available in the placeholder (it is a lot of flexibility)
  • allows to use placeholders at the object level (ie for meta tags, specified at the level of a non-common template, but in the management of the object itself - category or product, etc.)
  • does not create a critical load
  • allows to use placeholders in any letter case (+ for human made headers and meta tags)

A full list of supported placeholders and possible settings, see on the addon page

This addon is included in the SEO package to the UniTheme template

With proper use this module can make the most clickable and maximally "human", dynamic search snippets, which will quickly improve your search positions.

If you have additional wishes, we will gladly consider and implement them, if they are rational and useful to all users. To the questions "why is more expensive than analogues" - the answer is above in the description of advantages and in our system of work with modules and policies for the development of solutions - we spend a lot of resources on upgrades and updates.