This is one for the old ones timers on this site that has crossed this hurdle before.

All banks that i have Aproached for a internet merchant facility has declined my aplication because of aggregation.

What argument can i use to curb this problem?

Any one with any ideas would be helpfull.


Only way around it is to lie (I'm not recommending it).

They are completely justified in not wanting to provide merchant services for you. In a multi-vendor environment you are acting only as the portal. Each vendor can have their own customer service, return policies, etc. There is no way for the Merchant Account Provider to assess the risk of any vendor you might happen to bring on board.

There are high-risk providers out there, but the cost can be prohibitive. The business model is just considered sub-prime!

It is quite ironic.

The business I am trying to create is only with the most trusted vendors around in one country so that buyers don't get scammed.

But your merchant account provider doesn't know that. I'd be even PayPal would deny you if they new you were aggregating vendors. You are probably going to be stuck with using a high-risk merchant account provider and paying the appropriate premium for the risk.

Note that not revealing your business practices could be considered fraudulent in many countries. Not saying you are, but just mentioning for the benefit of others.