After Upgrade To 4.9.1 Google Recaptcha Fails

Reported that my site was returning an error of "Error Incorrect or missing confirmation code.".

I have re-copied the keys related to the site from Google to the Addon and have cleared the cache.

However, the error continues. I've had to disable Google Recaptcha.

Anyone else experiencing this? Or does anyone have a solution.

When clicking the Recaptcha checkbox, it comes back with a green checkmark so it would appear that Google thinks things are okay.

Update: Seems that this error too is caused from the defect listed here:

Seems like this type of issue should have generated a Service Pack release given the impact it is having on merchants.

Suggest you apply the fix/change to Http.php

Since cs-cart won't step up: addon to resolve this issue on all V4 versions of cs-cart:

Since cs-cart won't step up: addon to resolve this issue on all V4 versions of cs-cart:

hello, is this fix still available ?

hello, is this fix still available ?

the link is not working

Sorry, had capital V and dot where it should have been _v.

Original post link corrected.

Thanks a lot for that @tbirnseth

That add-on just got me out of trouble.

I'm amazed that CS-Cart still has 3rd party dev support, but lucky it does for its own survival.

You're welcome.

I had people come to me with the following problems that were addressed by the HTTP2 fix.

1) Google Recaptcha

2) Payment method failures

3) Realtime shipping quotation failures

Makes no sense to me (from a customer service perspective) to leave a known failure unaddressed in your installed base. The vast majority of cs-cart customers are NOT on the current release.

The good news is that one grateful customer send me 3 dozen bagels from a NY deli! Yum, yum! :-)

I can send a Bagel address via PM! :-)