After update 2.0.10 slowed site?

My observation is that site performance is slowing down after upgrade on 2.0.10. Sometimes the script is stuck while processing, don’t you have similar experience?

I’m using 2.0.10 and my meta tags are fine. Make sure your:



Also, I don’t know if it has to do with the google bug, but check out:


I hope this helps,

Dude, Soldierly, that is my exact post from a different thread. On top of that it has nothing to do with this post. What exactly are you getting at?

As for the speed thing, there are some things to do like using Gzip. My site loads pretty quickly, usually around 5 seconds or so and I am using 2.0.10.


Have you tried deleting the search within categories (deleting the category selector), lefting only the normal search ?

I have don this and noticed increase on page load. Now I only see a decrease in performance at the first time the page is loaded.

Hi, with 2.10 I had the same problem, it was slower and slower after a while and I find out that cache size was more than 70 Mb with many thousands files.

I try to use …/index.php?cc

cc procedure clears cache, I put it into the cron for every hour execution and it looks fine now.