After Payment Taken To A White Screen

Ok, so after dealing with the paypal payment issues last week, now I am having a problem with credit card payments.

When you place an order and pay with a credit card you are taken to a white screen. The customers are still being charged but not being redirected to the order confirmation page.

So I’ve had customers submit payments multiple times because they didn’t think it went through.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have had so many problems since upgrading my store.

The store is:


Please open the config.php file and uncomment the following line:

//define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Then place an order and you should see error message when you are redirected back to the store.

eComLabs - I am having the exact same issues as mindyb - orders get placed but the “submit my order” redirects them to a blank page. I have commented out the development in the config and I don't see any errors.

Any ideas on what is going on with the system?


[color=#b22222][UPDATE] Reinstalled CSCart from a fresh download to fix the issue[/color]