After migration import products stop immediately


After migrating to another server ,using default cs-cart import products option the pop-up import window disappear in 2-5 minutes, for instance if I import 600 products, it stops and 100-150 (import pop-up goes away for no reason), no errors on server lo but this one which is shown at the begging of the ssh import command but import goes on command line importing all the products, it stops in 2-5 min only on admin area when I push IMPORT button. Here the error that I got when I start the import via ssh, but after the error the import goes on until it imports all the products.

PHP Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_SCHEME in /var/www/usr/data/www/ on line 199

I need to know to to fix importing products via admin panel issue.

Could be Debian 11 the cause ? I had Centos 7.9 on previous server and I got no error on import, both on admin and ssh.

Could be the server timeouts. Is this PHP Notice is all that present in the logs of your server?

It was some OS install issues, now it works fine.