After installation the shop is not appear

Hi everybody,

I have installed the shopping cart as I did dozens times before. (The domain name temporary doesn’t pointed to the server but I have temporary links to view the front and back end of the site).

The problem is that I can’t see the front end. However I can enter to the admin panel w/o problem (and change the settings for example).

I checked the follows. Thy are Ok.

config.local.php - read/write for all users (666)

/images (and all its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/skins - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/var (and ALL its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/stores (and ALL its subdirectories) - read/write/execute for all users (777)

/acme/.htaccess - read/write for all users (666) and I tried also 644.

On the server:

  • safe_mod is disabled;
  • GD library is installed;
  • cURL support is enabled;

    This PHP extension is required to ensure support for secure connections and some payment systems, including PayPal, Authorize.Net and Google Checkout, as well as real-time shipping rate calculators for FedEx and DHL/Airborne;
  • file_uploads is enabled;
  • .htaccess file have the following directives allowed: DirectoryIndex, Deny, Allow,Options, Order, AddHandler, RewriteEngine, RewriteBase, RewriteCond and RewriteRule;
  • allow_url_fopen is enabled.

    2 storefronts are now available: http://my_domain_name/index.php and http://my_domain_name/acme/index.php but both of them doesn’t work (‘404 Oops! We were unable to find what you were looking for.’).

    What could be a problem?

    I’ll be appreciating for any tip.

Since you're using Ultimate, check the permissions of:

controllers/customer/index.php - should be at minimum 644 permissions

/stores/1/skins/basic/customer/index.tpl should be 777 permissions

I presume you also have a ton more of permission issues (such as all /skins/ directories and subfolders should be 777, /var/ should be 777 and subdirectories, etc).

Tnx, but it doesn't help.

Somebody knows is the Card has a problem with Mod_userdir ?

I reckon you don't have your localizations set or you have been playing around with localization settings.

This is a common way of seeing products and categories apparently dissapear.