After import my users list, user id field number changed on new store

Dear sir,
I have imported my users and orders list from old store to new store.
after complete importation, the user ids changed and because of that when i open existing orders, it says upgrade email warning as orders going to belong to another wrong user ( because of order owner identified by user id) and user id is not the same as my old store.

any idea?

maybe this

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maybe, but i have 2700 users and have to find which one of them is mismatch and fix it.
that will blow my mind.

highly need import users by userID and import Products by prod ID
any help appreciated!!

In exel

export users, email and id from old store data, add to columns A,B,C
exports users and email and id from new store data, add to columns D,E,F
then in colum G add =IF(AND(A2<>D2,B2<>E2,C2<>F2),TRUE,FALSE)

Drag the formula down to apply it to all rows in your data range.
Select the entire range of new formulas (e.g., column G).
Go to Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Equal To.
In the dialog box, type TRUE and choose your desired formatting (e.g., red fill).
Click OK.

this will highlight all “mis matched” ones where you can edit

Thanks for reply.
both exported users from old and new store, have exactly same data.
user ID is not listed on csv files.

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as i have looked more clearly about differences, the issue is that i dont have USER ID #2 on my old store.
ids starts from:


and when i import my old user data to new store, it created user ID records 2,3
so new user IDs become one number behind of real ID.
ids starts from:


for example: user id 383 in old store becomes user id 382 on new store.

I have deleted all users from phpmyadmin
and made user id 2

after importing again, userid starts from previous final record and is not continuing from record 3 :frowning:


Under Operations tab, update the auto_increment value to 3.

Thanks, Ill try it and post results

You should extend the Users export/import to transfer user_id parameters


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