Affiliate Terms & Conditions

I’m just getting started with the affiliate program in CS-Cart 2.0.15. In the storefront, the user can select to register as an affiliate, and the following phrase appears at the top of the page:

[quote]By clicking the “Register” button below, you acknowledge that you agree to and understand the terms and conditions of our affiliate program.[/quote]Where can potential affiliates read these terms and conditions that they’re agreeing to?


I was actually searching for this exact same thing and found your post. It’s been awhile and I hope you figured it out?

The terms aren’t anywhere. You need to create a page and post them there. As far as linking them, just go to LANGUAGES and search for the text string. Then edit in your links.

I am working on it now. You can check out my site. It’s sort of a work in process. :)