Affiliate Questions

I am setting up the affiliate part of the program and I have a simple question.

I believe that I have figured out how an affiliate can reference “their” affiliate site with the following URL:

This seems to point to the affiliate with the ID #5. I made a purchase from this link and it showed up in the affiliates back office.

The question is, when I use this link, how can I tell that I'm on an affiliate site? Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing that would let me add the affiliate's name or something to identify “who's” site that I am on?

Do you understand what I'm asking?

My affiliates want to make sure that they are 'really' promoting their site.

Thanks for any help!


Okay…been working on the test site and found that there is an affiliate “reference” at the bottom of the page. Not the best spot, but it's there.

Now, the question is “what's there?”

There seems to be a set of random capital letters, such as “HIXBLNPQAE”.

Next question: Where is this being generated and can it be changed to something more meaningful?

I'll keep working it.