Affiliate Plan / Coupon Commission - Ver 2.2.4

[right]I have set up an affiliate plan that offers a 40% commission on all my product sales. When setting up the plan, there is an option that reads “Coupon Commission should overide all other” with an explanation that says, “if enabled, coupon commission cancels the other commissions.” which sounds great…[/right]

[right]I set up a coupon of 25% off and tied that coupon to the plan and assigned a 20% “coupon commission”…so in theory, anytime an affiliate on this plan makes a sale they would receive a 40% commission unless the coupon is used, in which case the commission should override to the 20%[/right]

[right]The coupon works fine and discounts the product to the correct price, but the commission is still calculating at the 40%…for some reason the “coupon commission” is not overriding the commission rate.[/right]

[right]Any help would be much appreciated.[/right]

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