Affiliate link redirct not working properly

When a potential customer clicks on a link for an affiliate, if the link is supposed to direct them to a page not in the actual store, it fails to do so. This was working in the past, but seems to be broken now. Links that direct customers to a category or product work fine, but links that direct to a URL direct to the cart’s homepage. Has anyone else seen this issue? Does anyone know what specifically might be causing it? I do use a custom skin, which I thought was the issue, but after redoing it the same issue is still occurring.

Was this change a security addition in the most recent upgrade? I was able to work around the issue by making a redirect page at the root of the store and then directing the affiliate link urls at that page with the parameter url= of the actual link I want the user sent to. The code for the page is as follows.

```php $directionUrl = urldecode($_GET['url']);
header( 'Location:'.$directionUrl);
?> ```