Affiliate Cs-cart system is safe? Really works?

Hello People!

I will need to implement a very good Affiliate system to sell products and I do need something that work very well.

We all know that Cs-cart has an Affiliate system inside its platform.

What do I need?

  1. People can create accounts and start to sell products getting links with banners and etc.

    I test this a time ago (maybe 6 months) and the link from my affiliate was not going to the product’s page. Very strange.

    Maybe this was correct (or only me got that error).

  2. I need a system that be very safe about changing cookies (I think the name is Cookie attack or modification, I don’t know very well). Basically, people (hackers) change that cookies like he had indicated all people who buy from that web store.

    Anyone is using this affiliate system with at least 50 people inside for at least 6 months and could give a REVIEW?

    The good part of to use the Cs-Cart affiliate system is that you don’t need to integrate a third part software in your web store. The problem: it looked like (a few time ago) very simply.

    I am talking about softwares like: idevdirect[.]com/idevaffiliate.php

    Is Affiliate software (mod) inside Cs-cart working fine with security in this last edition?

    Thank you!