Affiliate code format?

I’m having a heck of a time with this affiliate system.

I’ve gone through and approved my first affiliate, but now they’re asking me how to use the affiliate code that CS Cart generated for them, and I don’t know how.

Also - I see in a lot of the old tutorials that there is supposed to be a design block marked “affiliates” that appears in the design blocks section once you’ve got affiliates, and I don’t have one.

Can somebody please help - or at least point me towards a resource that can do so?

Okay I’ve created the Affiliate box, but now they’re trying to integrate their affiliate code with text links already on their site. How can they do this?

i dont like the affiliate system in cs-cart. I think it is useless for really good affiliates. I prefer post affiliate pro.

Regardless, I’m using it and it’s set up. Can you offer any assistance with this? Can anybody?


Can somebody please give me an answer here?

My affiliate is going to be driving traffic via text links. How does he place the affiliate code to track this?