Advice on shipping for MV in the UK


I’m just reaching out for some advice. We’re setting up a MV marketplace in the UK, whereby our vendors will be shipping from different locations but struggling to find a good solution.

We originally went down the Shipstation route which we managed to get working so that orders imported into the platform, but got lost on how we charge the correct amount to customers at the point of purchase.

Are there any other alternatives out there that fellow CS cart users can recommend?


I looked and started setting up SHippy pro (Im not multi vendor) but stopped half way through and got dragged on tot other projects, seems decent though

Thanks for the recommendation. It does seems the sensible choice, however there’s no useful integration with CS Cart as of yet and unless it’s a custom development piece, I can’t see that changing any time soon.

A discussion on the integration of the Shipstation is being held in this topic:

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I too would be very interested in a built in SHipping solution.
I did try to integrate shippy pro manually a few months back but didnt quite work