Advice on a product config

I have a product type that has an almost endless number of sets.

I could easy stock 10 - 20 or 50,000 of these items and each one would be different.

These are programmes from sports game between a home team and an away team.

If I list them by each team I would need a category of over 100 sub-categories with most subcategories having few items.

If I list them on year the would be over 50 subcategories and some years would have maybe 10,000 items. Similer if I list them on events.

I was thinking could I do this another way, perhaps with options ? I don’t have enough knowladge to see how I could do this so please help.

The unque aspect of each item is event name + home team + away team + date

People will search on combinations of these and the actual title is made from these terms.

Do a little research on Product Features and Product Filters. I think that will meet your needs.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Do a little research on Product Features and Product Filters. I think that will meet your needs.[/QUOTE]

Spent the morning looking at these thanks.

Few things I’m concerned about;

Using those means a lot more work updating the stock. Not only would I need to add the product details I would have to remember to add and know about any new teams to add to the filters. I would also have to import the exisiting stock filters as the maybe 500 of those.

Also in my test I made a group feature of teams and then add home and away to that group. The items are just being listed and I can’t seem to be able to set the filter listing to a drop down box (which would eat up far less space the having 1000s of team names listed). I think this is something I should be able to do but I gone though all the options and not been able to.

Ideally I would like to upload a csv file of these with fields like home, away, date and have them fill the product TITLE and filtering options. Then the title would be;

Home v Away on Date

Filters would be dropdown lists of the same.