Advanced SEO by 4Sprung most comprehensive SEO addon on the market


We have released version 2 of, what we belive is the best and most comprehensive SEO addon for CS Cart out there.

Quick Video

[media]4SEO Advanced SEO addon v2 for CS Cart - YouTube


On-Page SEO Optimisation Check for Products, Categories, CMS pages etc.

Real-time on-site optimisation content check for several different SEO criteria:[list]

[]H1, Hs and H3 check

]Keyword Density measure

[]Keyword Bold count

]Internal Links count

[]Word Count

]Image alt text

[]Rich snipped preview

]Meta Robot Follow or Nofollow

[]SEO friendly URL

]Advanced meta robot tags

[]Include in sitemap (yes, no)


[]Canonical URL


4SEO v2 Features


]Resolves CS Cart temporary 302 redirect and changes to 301

[]Created automatic 301 redirect if you change from a flat URL structure to a category URL structure

]Automatically redirect non www. to www

[]Create 301 redirects for example for discontinued, out of stock products manually or in bulk. Central 301 redirect admin area with Import/Export feature.

]Restrict user group permission to access settings and features

[]Redirect index.php to / and prevent duplicate home pages

]Automatic meta description tag creation (with manual overwrite) from first 156 characters of product description.


In development:

  • automatic 301 redirect if you change the product, cms, category, news or blog URL (incl full history)

    Planed features:

  • rich snippets
  • over optimisation check
  • multiple keywords
  • LSI
  • Structured Data Support (Rich Snippets)
  • Social SEO
  • smart linking

    If you have questions please contact us directly as we not always check the forum frequently


    The add-on is compatible with version 3x ( 4x is coming soon) with limited functionality it's also available for version 2x, It is encrypted (zend optimiser required) and licences to one particular domain.


I do like your products they look very complete and professional, however I find your price points to be on the high side, as a one off payment I could just about imagine paying $159 for this product, however I would not even consider it as a renewable annual licence.

I am certainly not trying to flame you here or anything like that I just wonder why you believe it necessary to charge recurring payments when all the other vendors give life time licences but limit free updates to say 6 months - this then generates income for them as CS-Cart continually modify their code thus breaking the add-ons and your customers are happy as they only have to pay additional costs when things break because of said code changes…

However!! I am really pleased to see the price of your blog add-on has dropped - now this is a product that does have some serious functionality and although it is once again on an annual renewable licence agreement, I do believe this product in particular could justify the costs… From what I have seen of it anyway…

Hello Ralkan,

Thank you for your feeback, we will consider a one off payment with a limited free update period. To be honest we have spent well over 300h so far on the SEO addon's R&D and have many more great features in the pipeline and we would love to make it cheaper but fact is we probably then have to drop CS cart and start developing for Magento or Wordpress as there is a substantial market size which allows to recoup our investment trough quantity. Our standard hourly rate is AU65 so 300 x 65 = is nearly 20k of investment from our end.

I think you will agree in any way it will be difficult to recoup however we mainly develop for our own cards or for our customers and we are very fussy and particular how we approach things if any of the add-ons we have written would be around with the features and quality we would not have to write is our self. It seems like the most people develop for the lowest common denominator and I guess they have to if the they want to earn some money.

We have another 100h development work for new features in the SEO add-on in planing.

Let's face it if you actually sell via your shopping cart and our SEO add-on will give you a couple of higher page ranks in google, which in return will provide you a couple of more sales the $159 will have been money well spent.

In regards to the blog add-on, to maintain a WordPress blog will cost you minimum $50-$100 a month not to mention the setup, template design and integration so again the fees we charge for our blog add-on which is fully integrated into CS cart and will eliminate tons of headaches you have with WordPress installations and the related security issues I think is very realistically priced.

The advanced blog add-on has been developed over a period of one year and many features have been added I would think overall we had easy 400 hours development time so again the money you pay is really not more than a token.

But again we really value your input.


changed all products to ouright purchase with upgrade and support option


Great move imho, I am very confident that I will be purchasing the blog add-on in the very near future… Will it be V4 compatible?

Thanks for listening!


This seems like a very interesting addon which incorporates a few functions which other developers are offering as single addons, so if the functionality is correct, it's definitely a good investment.

However, one thing which concerns me is the load the addon creates on the admin side. How and when are the SEO scores calculated (as shown ~35 seconds into the demo video). Are these processes calculated upon saving a product for the first time, or is there a script run at a set interval or manually executed to process these scores?

I would also expect at least 3.0.6 compatibility which I would assume is most likely already the case given 3.0.4 compatibility, have you checked this with 3.0.6?

Finally, is there a physical demo available where I can see the addon in action?


yes it is CS Cart 3x and 4.x compatible, the video was taken on a slow dev server

on our regular server it takes around 8-12 seconds and that is only calculated after saving.

No sorry no physical demo at present but I think the video shows most of the functionality.

We just added the canonical feature for index.php to / to prevent two homepages being indexed.

If you have any feature suggestions by all means please let us know.



Good addon and lots of features but i want for the release of your planned feature, they seems important for me. I want to know if i buy right now can i get the future updates free of cost ?

and yes really disppointed of not giving support for 12 month. Atleast you can give us 6 month updates free of cost.

I am very interested in this and the blog addon. Has anyone else purchased from this company before. I would appreciate some feedback on their customer service and their addons before spending that much money.


We doing web development since 1997 but over the past 4 years have not sold or promoted our add-ons as we

did them as part of custom development workforce clients or for our own carts.

I understand that many people ideally want everything for free but strangely they them-self want to earn money and would not work for free.

We do not want to work for free either and are based in Sydney Australia so can not work for 10$ an hour.

We do understand that our add-ons may not be for everyone's budget however we develop and customize high quality web sites and some of the projects we have done where in the +100k plus mark and turn over many thousand $ a day so we have plenty of experience, actually we developed our first shopping cart in 1997.

With over 17 years experience in e-commerce everything we do is well thought trough and has a lot of R&D time in it we think our prices are more then fair and if we had to recoup our actual R&D trough add-on sale we would need to sell a lot of add-ons to just break even (which I don't think we will as the cs cart market is very small with many micro business with very little budget).

Some of our web development customers are with us for over 12 years and we have done many different sites for them over the time and support them on a frequent base. If you are after feature rich, thought trough and quality add-on or web development we are the right company for you if you after the cheapest possible price and usually low quality we are definitely not.

Best regards


It's been two weeks since this thread started.

Has anyone had any experience with this addon yet? Any reviews?

[quote name=‘Magpie Don’ timestamp=‘1373949785’ post=‘165391’]

It’s been two weeks since this thread started.

Has anyone had any experience with this addon yet? Any reviews?


we had a agency purchasing 4 instances for some clients but doubt they would review here, the addon does exactly what it says and if you look at our work I think you will see we do not do things half hardheartedly :-)

Just a quick update we currently implementing two new features requested by clients:[list=1]

[]automatic canonical link implementation this will also include the fix if you have category pages which go over several pages.

]automatic 301 redirect generation including history and the ability to modify history.


this means any page you delete will automatically create a 301 redirect instead of a 404. you will be able to see a history of all existing 301 redirects and the old page URLs, you will also be able to delete any of the entries.

you already can manually 301 redirect any disabled page to a page of your choosing.

the new features are currently under development and should be finalised within the next 14-21 days

I just purchased the Seo add - on. Just waiting for fraud check . Once I get it and I have it installed will leave a review. My take is that this isn't expensive at all. For what you get it really is nothing. Stay tuned for my review.

Thanks Dan, It's a pretty sexy addon but I've been waiting for Steve to finish his canonical URL logic before purchasing it.

[quote name='Magpie Don' timestamp='1375221899' post='166063']

Thanks Dan, It's a pretty sexy addon but I've been waiting for Steve to finish his canonical URL logic before purchasing it.


Hi, that is actually done just needs to be QA'd and will be released next week or so for version 3 and version 4 a week later.

Once this is implemented we will also put the price back to $199 which will still be quite a bit cheaper then purchasing the functionality separately from different vendors not to mention that some of the functionality does not exists anywhere else and the convenience to only update one add-on instead of multiple.

[quote name='Ralkan' timestamp='1373355172' post='165054']


Great move imho, I am very confident that I will be purchasing the blog add-on in the very near future… Will it be V4 compatible?

Thanks for listening!



version 4 compatibility is available now

[quote name='steve22' timestamp='1375253048' post='166079']

Once this is implemented we will also put the price back to $199.


Thanks for letting me know this Steve. I purchased the module today, saved the $50, but will wait for the update to install.

I got the Seo add on very quickly. Didn't take 48 hours. I installed in less then 5 minutes tops. Eevrything went without a hitch.

Works well no problems.

Anyways I highly recomend this add on.


I should mention at present it does not work correctly on the multi-language version but only for english, we are looking in to a multi language version but it requires quite a few changes