Advanced Blog Addon By 4Sprung


The blog addon is now available only with our professional installation which is included in the purchase price. Please ensure you read the notes on bottom of page before purchasing.[/size][/font][/color][color=#333333][font=droid_sansregular][size=3]

[size=1]Please note! If you have multipe stores under different domains but one backend! CS Cart does unfortunately not allow to install addons only for one store hence you will need to purchase a licence for each store if you fail to do so the addon will throw up errors![/size][/size][/font][/color]


A video of the features is availabel here[/size][/font][/color][color=#333333][font=droid_sansregular][size=3]

[url=“Advanced Blog Addon for CS Cart - YouTube”]Advanced Blog Addon for CS Cart - YouTube

Blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools that a business can employ. If your customers feel that they can engage with a business directly and their concerns are being heard, they are more likely to view your company favourably and provide repeat business.

Blogging is also a crucial aspect of marketing. It plays an important role in SEO by placing keywords and anchor text all over your company's website. As a result, when users search for these terms, your business will have a higher chance of being displayed in search results on the front page.

The 4sprung blog add-on extension is designed to add a dynamic and interactive blog platform to your CS Cart shopping cart. The add-on allows your clients to utilise a variety of search functions and is completely integrated with social media websites. The intuitive commenting interface for blog posts and spam control tools ensure that the content on your site is relevant and informative.

The 4sprung blog extension provides an excellent tool to communicate with your normal clients as well as casual visitors to your website. The 4sprung blog tool will help you create an interactive platform that allows you to communicate directly with the customers who buy your products. You can quickly and effectively offer information to your visitors regarding store news, upcoming promotions and new products. In addition, customers can provide immediate feedback that will help improve your business.


[]Have your blog RSS integrated with a native RSS feed

]Add this social media sharing integration

[]RSS for multiple stores

]Ability to turn your blog on and off for different stores

[]Widgets to display relevant and latest posts

]Search functions for both blog headers and content in front end and back

[]Category and tag search

]Ability to display blog menu only on blog page

[]Comments per page limit options

]Full Google sitempaps and analytic support for both categories and individual posts

[]Easy insertion of Youtube and Vimeo videos into your blog posts

]Integrated commenting system for blog posts

[]Spam control for comments utilising captcha and submission limits per day based on user IP

]Individual and automatic IP blocking for users who exceed limits

[]Customisable IP blocking features

]Ping back comment feature similar to WordPress

[]Customer options for block list pages or detailed view of blog posts

]Create unlimited blog categories

[]Fully SEO optimised categorie and blog detail pages

]Choose date and date format

[]Customisable and SEO optimised blog home page

]Import/Export of posts and categories (csv)


New features:[/size][/font][/color][list]

[]Bulk approve/delete implemented in admin panel for blog comments/ ping backs

]Author tag Functionality implemented (google plus author linksfor SEO)

[]Blog Author management (assign default author to individual blog post settings)

]Video Blog functionality and video post management

[*]Compatibility with our Video site map add-on. If installed rich Snippet preview may show, thumbnail ,link and video duration]


A comment section allows you to learn about your customer's preferences, views, and choices simply by letting them express their opinions. If you allow users to say what they feel and communicate with each other, you also create a strong community where people can come to your site for information as well as promotions on your various products.[/size][/font][/color]



Please note!! non of our products is available via instant download. Each order will undergo a series

of fraud checks and it will take around 2-4 business days before we install the licensed package.

Thank you for your patience.[/size][/font][/color][color=#333333][font=droid_sansregular][size=3]




Please understand this is a complex add-on which has taken many hundreds of hours of development work to program and has cost around $40.000 in development cost at our standard hourly rate.

You can purchase the addon for an absolute fraction of the development cost so in case there are any issues with your installation rest assured we will fix them if they are related to our code.

The addon has been tested on our development server's as well as on our and many customers live servers however we cannot guarantee that it will run on every possible setup and environment! We will guarantee that we will fix any bugs in our code free of charge (bugs not feature requests or functionality changes).

To protect our code parts of the add-on are encrypted with the IonCube encoder which is pre-installed on most UNIX web servers. Please ensure you have the latest version on your web server.

Our Add-on's are installed on dozens of different web sites with different CS-Carts versions however there are many variables depending on your cart version, hosting set up like PHP, MYSQL and IonCube/ZendGuard version.

If you don't have a stock standard CS Cart, have modified code or have 3rd part addons installed, have upgrade your cart the incorrect way, we can NOT guarantee that our add-on works without changes which we are happy to make at our standard hourly rate.

If you don't purchase the blog design please be aware that some slight code changes for alignments, fonts, sizes, social media sharing icons may be required to align everything and adjust it to your overall design. This is NOT included in the purchase price!

The blog front end comes with a generic design and we encourage you to change these to make it suit to your website it quite likely it will not look as you desire. All front end files tlp and css are not encrypted and can be edited.

We value constructive feedback however we will immediately stop to provide any support for people who lack common courtesy and we will not tolerate abusive or disrespectful emails or forum posts.[/size][/font][/color]

in 2-3 weeks with will have a major update with Video Blog implementation and automatic video site map generation

Why are our add-ons more expensive?

Simple we write add-on to solve specific problems our clients have not to sell add-ons.

With over 17 years of e-commerce experience as developers and store owners in the western world and many clients with turnovers well in excess of 1 million dollars a year utilising our CS cart installations we have ample experience of what successful business need. You will find that many of our add-ons are developed over many years, constantly improved to solve real live problems.

We understand that our add ons are not for everyone especially for business with a very small budget but business who actually sell online and have a good revenue appreciate the cost savings and features our add ons provide.