Advanced Addon Tutorial Errors

Hi, been looking around this for a while.
I have a fresh installation of CS-Cart MultiVendor(Demo) and I’ve been following around the tutorials, but this Advanced Addon Tutorial just doesnt show.

I’ve tried clearing cache
I’ve enabled and disabled rebuild cache automatically.
I’ve copied the code of the snippets in the tutorial
I’ve double-checked the routes
I’ve enabled Debug Mode, no errors there nor anything strange.

Its as if everything is correct but it just doesnt work. I heard something about “maybe is enabled and showing but behind another block”, but I wasnt able to find the option to move blocks in the Admin Dashboard.

I just dont know what to do anymore. Thanks.


Could you please describe exactly what steps you have taken and what result you are trying to achieve?

Been some time since I did this, but if your code is right (look for errors in the error_log file in you home directory, clear it before going to admin/home (stats) page and check after, if no errors your code is probably right.) 2. Ensure you have created and enabled block in the layout. If that is all right then you are going to have to do a few navigations around for it to log the data for display (and the more users that do it the more entries you will get, otherwise it will just show your history as admin).

If working what you expect to see is userID followed by page visited in the Admin/home screen, think it was in a drop down list … whether there is a header or not will depend on what you named the block when you added it to your layout and what wrapper you chose in the block settings.

Thanks for your answers, the problem was that the tutorial is not updated for 4.16.1 and upwards.

This was the steps I took (thanks to Tech Support Team)
1.-Rename design/backend/templates/addons/advanced_addon/hooks/index/index.tpl to simple_dashboard.tpl
Seems that this makes it show the block two times, dont know why.

2.- Replace a line in app/addons/advanced_addon/func.php from

		$viewed_categories[$category_id] = true;


		$viewed_categories[] = $category_id;

3.-Lastly, replace this line in the controller in /app/addons/advanced_addon/controller/backend/

        $category_data['categories']  = fn_get_category_name(array_keys($category_data['categories']));
        $category_data['categories']  = fn_get_category_name(array_values($category_data['categories']));

I would love to see the documentation updated for the new version, seems like some things changed from what the documentations says.


Thank you for sharing the solution with the other forum members. We have also created a task for the documentation maintainers to update the article.

I wasn’t able to get it working with the above steps
Kate (excellent operator on the helpdesk) provided the following. There is a known bug (fixed in 4.17.1), plus an additional issue where it appears on both the administrators admin panel and vendor panel.


I have replaced the following part of the code in the app/addons/advanced/addon/func.php file:

        if (!empty($viewed_categories)) {            $viewed_categories = unserialize($viewed_categories);        }        $viewed_categories[] = $category_id;;

with this one:

        if (!empty($viewed_categories)) {            $viewed_categories = unserialize($viewed_categories);        } else {        $viewed_categories = [];        }        $viewed_categories[] = $category_id;

Now the error does not appear.

Additionally, I have changed the name of the simple_dashboard.tpl file to the correct one -

And I have replaced this line:

        {hook name="index:simple_dashboard"}

with this one:

        {hook name="index:simple_dashboard_content"}

in the design/backend/templates/views/index/components/simple_dashboard.tpl file - this mistake is fixed in the version 4.17.1. Without the fix, the block added by the Advanced add-on is displayed twice on the dashboard.


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Thank you for your kind words!

I have forwarded your feedback back to Kate :slight_smile:

I’ve also reminded the documentation maintainer that this issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

has this been resolved yet?

Unfortunately, no. All efforts are currently focused on preparing new documentation for the upcoming 4.18.1 release.