Adsense in Checkout question

I have adsense in the top and bottom of my pages, so when the page goes to checkout and accesses the SSL, the adsense causes a non https problem.

I used the {if}{else}{/if}

code in my statcounter hardcoded into the bottom.tpl, but the adsense is coming from Listmania ads, which doesn’t allow me to use this in wysiwyg.

Can someone please tell me how to remove the adsense only from the checkout pages, or secure pages, so that this problem will go away. Thank you very much.

Bryan R.

p.s. I will trade a snippet of SEO or marketing advice to someone who can help. Thanks.

this can be done, but I am having a brain cramp

(plus, i am not well versed with listmania…)


can’t you control which pages listmania shows up on?

Adsense is not good on your e-commerce website because you will lose potential customers


I got the adsense to not display, but the placeholders are still there (the listmania boxes). This is better, but not perfect. Making the listmania boxes disappear would be great.


I am making about $5.00/day in adsense on this site. It is a new eCommerce site, so when eCommerce sales start rolling in a bit more regular, I will likely kill the adsense. But in all honesty, what you said is a bit of a myth. The fact is, that if customers can’t find what they want on your site, they will leave anyway. Why not make some money when they do.

Thanks guys.

Bryan R.