administrator privileges

Hi there,

I’m using 1.3.5 sp2.

I created a new membership, which is administrator type with limited privileges.

I gave it only Catalog permission, as following:



View catalog

Manage catalog

View manufacturers

Manage manufacturers

View discounts

Manage discounts[/QUOTE]

However, there are three problems I have.

  1. Menus show up, which its membership does not have privilege.

    Such as, Orders, Users, Shipping/Taxes, etc.

  2. “Clean templates cache” in Administration tab is available.

  3. “Listmania” in CMS tab is available.

    I do not want show certain menus to those who do not have privileges

    and do not know why “Clean templates cache” and “Listmania” are available.

    If anyone knows, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

I have already reported this as a bug and it is confirmed with CS-Cart. I haven’t seen any way to fix this issue so I have decided to just not use this membership. Be careful with playing around with the administrator membership though because in my case I was locked out of many of my options like import/export, etc. Luckily for me I had another admin account I could use.


Thanks, brandonvd.

Could you tell me bug ID that I can find from bug tracker?

Thanks again.

The ID number is 626 and the link is:



Thanks Brandon

After I upgraded to SP2 I found the restrictions to my admin accounts. (it worked fine in SP1)

I can no longer import/export with any account other then the original administrator account.

Does anyone have an answer or idea on how to fix this??