Admin/shop Blank Page After Server Upgrade


After an update of the server to the following versions:

PHP version : 5.6.20

Mysql version : 5.6.29

Cpanel/WHM version : 11.54

Apache : 2.4.18

The shop and admin only turns up a white page with no information.

Is there a setting I need to change in the config files when I change the PHP or Mysql version?

Or any other ideas to get the shops back online is highly appreciated...

We are running: 4.3.4

You probably just need to clear the cache. If that doesn't work, view the page source to see if there is an error indicated.

Thank you for your reply. I have emptied the var/cache folder, without any luck. The page source reveals nothing as there is apparently nothing loading. The page is empty. Very strange.

We've gotten this a few times recently ..

Can you provide more information? Is this a dedicated server you control or did your host do this update?

Does the server use a server-side caching system like Varnish, Redis or Memcache?

Check your config-local.php to see if external caching is enabled.

We have control of the server, and was just doing a preperation to upgrade cs-cart to 4.3.6, so we asked a system administrator do update our system to the latest versions of php, apache, mysql etc...


// Cache backend
// Available backends: file, sqlite, database, redis, xcache, apc
// To use sqlite cache the "sqlite3" PHP module should be installed
// To use xcache cache the "xcache" PHP module should be installed
// To use apc cache the "apc" PHP module should be installed
$config['cache_backend'] = 'file';
$config['cache_redis_server'] = 'localhost';
$config['cache_redis_global_ttl'] = 0; // set this if your cache size reaches Redis server memory size

You're going to have to check server error logs then. Updating to the versions specified should not negatively affect CSC.

I dont know where to check or what to look for.

Is there a commercial party in there that can take a look at this? All stores has been down for almost 12 hours, so we need to get this fixed asap.

PM me server credentials and I will have a look.

If you provide us with the temporary FTP access, we can check if the issue is server related or it is caused by CS-Cart

MySQLi PHP-extension is not installed on your server. Please ask sever administrator to install it