Admin Product Pagination

Using version 4.9.2. Sure wish the product pagination in the back office was back to showing the page number list. We have over 6000 products and having to type in the page number in the browser bar is not a good way to go. It takes me so much time to get to the page I need to pick the product I need to work on. 4.7.4 pagination was great because I had the pages memorized to were my products were location on. So, if I need to work on on certain product I just ticked on 6 or 11. Walla, I was there quickly. As in 4.9.2, I have to click on the arrow until I get to the product page I need, which is so darn time consuming or I have to type the number in the browser bar which I am just guessing the page.

It is just a nightmare when you have 1000's of products.

Thanks for your consideration.

do you mean this , yes it does seem strange you can only select next ? seems ok to me 4.9.2 sp3