Admin Problem

When I log into my admin panel the navigation menu loads (catalog, users, shipping, etc) but the only thing displayed is a box labelled “Welcome” and inside it “Welcome text” ???

Clicking on any of the admin links causes the system to think about it for a second but then just reload the Welcome box.

Anyone come across this before?

I am running the latest available upgrade and have tried loading it in different browsers.

Same thing happen to me mate when updated the site to 3.3 from 3.2 i just uploaded a clean 3.2 to a backup folder then updated it to 3.3 uploaded my latest backup then just coppied all the files over my old store changed config file with old data base settings and worked .

But im not very good at this stuff someone who knows more might help you


All fixed now - thanks for the reply Gregh!

I backed up everything and then uploaded and installed 1.3.3 to a new folder (with a new sql database). Then I copied/replaced folders over the top of my first installation one at a time to see if it made any difference - it didn’t.

Then I replaced admin.php and it started working again! (wish I’d tried that first…)

I guess maybe the file had been borked at some stage when I renamed it for security reasons. I’m still testing as I type this but everything appears to be working normally again.

Hope this info helps others experiencing this problem.