Admin Privilege Available For A Admin User With Limited Rights

I have created a new Admin user and have assigned to a Adminstrator group with only limited permissions but still this user is able to access all the menu options etc. It seems the privileges are not working properly in MVE 4.2.4

Is this an Administrator or a Vendor Administrator? Are they loging in via vendor.php or your admin url?

Note that MVE overloads the “is_root” attribute of an administrative user to identify the primary vendor. It could be that you have encountered a bug and should probably report it via bugtracker.

Double check the Administrative group name and permission settings.

Hi Tbrinseth,

This is an Administrator Group and the user is logging via the admin url.

Make sure that the user group is assigned correctly to the administrator account (has the Active status, not Available)

Yes its like that only.

I haven't seen where permissions don't work. You'll have to provide more specific details about which permissions are enabled/disabled and what you are seeing when accessing things that relate to those permissions. If you think you found a bug, then you should be reporting this to bugtracker as well with equivalent detail.

I have created an issue for the same you can look at the same. There is a video as well for the result.

Still not clear what results you are seeing for the user.

Tbrirn there is a file attached with the defect as a video. Please check that. All the menu options are available for the user. He can even see the vendor list etc.

The issue can be caused by the incorrect schema in 3rd party module. It can not supplement the default schema, but completely override it.

Thanks Ecom, can you let me know which file will be responsible for this overriding so that i can look into the code and find the addon module causing this ?

Try to disable 3rd party add-ons one-by-one and check the result