Admin Password reset


I changed the password beheavior to operate using (email address + pass) instead of the default (username + pass).

But after the update and before I could also look to update the admin login info, I lost my internet connection. I reconnected and tried to log back in the admin area, but my login info used before the update is not accepted anymore, and I had not had the chance to set up any email account yet. So retrieving the password using the email address is not an option.

How do I overcome that situation and log back into the admin area please?

Thank you.

Is this a fresh install, if it is it’s easier to just re-install, if not you’ll have to access your mysql database with a program like phpmyadmin and find which table has the admin and or user information and delete the table and create a new one, you can open the cs-cart database information to find the table and just copy/paste the quiery to create the new table, I’m assuming you know how o work with mysql databases and where to find the information, if not maybe someone else can point you in the right direction untill I can help tommorrow

The email for default administrator account is: (without “p”, it’s our misprint)

Please try to use it.