Admin Panel Works But Something Screwy Just Started Happening

I have not been editing any code at all.

Cleared all caches but this mess persists ( see image ).

Same mess via Chrome or IE.

It occurs when I log in to the admin area. Once I make a selection in admin

it goes back to normal UNLESS I click on the admin home button which

causes the mess to appear again.


We are running a 40% off promotion but 1 product processed as zero ??

I compared both product files and nothing was different however

on the order record the price in points was not displaying for item that

mysteriously discounted to zero.



Getting a bit tired of the blame game. My web host said the usual

"Nothing wrong at our end so must be your script".

It is required to examine issues directly on the server with your settings. PM me if you are interested and we will check it

The problem just vanished and all went back to normal about 30 minutes later. Hasn't happened


To be honest, after all these years of frustration, I am strongly considering going to a fully

hosted solution. Unfortunately not Merchium.

I am very appreciative of all the guidance here from knowledgeable and friendly people

but I am nearly at the end of my tether.

I almost left ( again ) but Bigcommerce, while being much prettier,

can't really hold a candle to CS-Cart. Time to engage the services of

my favourite trusted expert.