Admin Page Switching My Url From .com Address To Ip Address

Heres a little back story. I had my domain up. Signed up with a new host to switch servers once I had the site updated. The new host, the only way I could connect to it was via its IP address (Just a random numbers here) 184.482.281.11 And in order to access it I would have to go to the ip /accountname/admin.php So I changed name servers when I was ready to go live, and the front end works great. In the “stores” section in the admin area, I switched it from the ip address to the .com address. Now every time I go to my sites admin area,, itll automatically switch it to 184.482.281.11/admin.php Any idea how to force it use the .com instead of the ip?


Please make sure that you did not forget to change the “$config['http_host']” and “$config['https_host']” parameters in the “config.local.php” file.

That done the trick. Thanks!

You are welcome!

np. Now its not showing http://www part, the URL is just straight lol. Guess I need to add that as well

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[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]You are right. And do not forget to add it to all storefront URLs.[/font][/color]