Admin page orders create customer accounts?

Is there option to enable or anyway that for example, when entering a phone, or any order through the admin page the system creates a customer account as well. Alot of time cusotmers call back and place additional orders and assume that we have all there information even though they checked out as guest. It makes it a little easier not having to search through previous orders and having to retype everything. Same thing if they checked out as a guest to still create an account but use a random system generated password which can be reset if need be at a later time.

One last thing when creating an order through the admin page within the Customer Details page is there any way two create another profile for a customer that already has an account with you. For example they call in to place a order but you have there home profile on file but they would like you to ship it to there business address instead. How can I create a new profile. I just see a drop down with only exisiting profiles?