Admin Notification On New User Registartion

How I can get admin notification on user registration?

The current CS Cart version is 4.3.

Thanks in advance.

You should receive notifications to the e-mail specified in the following setting:

Settings -> Company -> User department e-mail address

Thanks @eComLabs for your help.
I have added the email. Now the from address of the New User Notification to new user was changed with this email.
But there is no notification send to user department e-mail address.
Is there any configuration to enable / disable notification for department?

Hm.. I do not see this feature anymore. Try to open the app/functions/fn.users.php file and add

            if (AREA != 'A')
                'to' => 'company_users_department',
                'from' => 'company_users_department',
                'reply_to' => $user_data['email'],
                'data' => array(
                    'user_data' => $user_data,
                'tpl' => 'profiles/create_profile.tpl',
                'company_id' => $user_data['company_id']
            ), 'A', Registry::get('settings.Appearance.backend_default_language'));

after this line of code:

                fn_set_notification('N', __('information'), __('text_profile_is_created'));

if you are familiar with hooks, please use the update_profile hook in the fn_update_user function

Thanks @eComLabs for your great helps.

Your code works in version 4.3.

How I can edit the email template profiles/create_profile.tpl?

Basically I want to use a new email template and subject template for this admin notification.

If I edit email template in design/themes/my_theme/mail/templates/profiles/create_profile.tpl, there is no changes happening for admin notification. I think the location is entirely different.


The tool is right. Admin e-mail templates are located in the separate folder:


Thanks to The Tool & eComLabs.

Can any one help me to make it as an addon? If so, I can avoid core file editing. :-(

Just use the update_profile hook in the app/functions/fn.users.php file. Find more info about hooks here:

Thanks eComLabs for your support.

I have created that addon.

But I need some more help.

I like to use new email template and subject for this admin notification. So I have added these .tpl files in /design/backend/mail/templates/profiles/.

But in design/backend/mail/templates, I have found there is one addon directory and there is some email templates inside addon_id's folder. So for my addon, I like to use email template from this addon folder instead of /design/backend/mail/templates/profiles/.

My mailer function is given below.

                'to' => 'company_users_department',
                'from' => 'company_users_department',
                'reply_to' => $user_data['email'],
                'data' => array(
                    'user_data' => $user_data,
                'tpl' => 'profiles/create_profile_admin_notification.tpl',
                'company_id' => $user_data['company_id']
            ), 'A', Registry::get('settings.Appearance.backend_default_language'));

What the changes I have to made on my code to use email template from /design/backend/mail/templates/addons/csc_signup_notification where csc_signup_notification is my addon_id.

Put your templates to the following directory:


and use the following code to use them:

'tpl' => 'addons/csc_signup_notification/profiles/create_profile_admin_notification.tpl',

Thanks @eComLabs.

I have updated the code.

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