Admin Name Being Sent To New Users?

I have x'd out sensitive stuff.

In settings I ticked 'Administrator must activate new user accounts'

then registered a new account.

The new account default was 'disabled'.

I made it active and left 'Notify user' ticked.

The new user received the email below ( displaying my admin name ).

The profile owned by "" has been newly created, you should check the details of this user (if required) and activate it by using the following link:
http: // www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx. com/mysecretadminname.php?dispatch=profiles.update&user_id=326

We hope you enjoy your visits to xxxxxxxxxx.

I thought our admin name was supposed to be kept a secret.

This should have been sent to the admin. This should NOT be what the customer sees. Isn't this just the notification for the admin to activate the user? They would (I would hope) already know the admin uri for the site.


Sorry guys.