Admin must activate new registered customers. Not working...

Due to the fact that we have had quite a few scammers trying to well… scam us. I located a setting under Admin, Settings, General that i can have all new accounts be sent to me for activation. I would prefer to do this cause the scammer that is messing with us always uses something to know its him. The address is just the letters switched around. Always ships it over seas but the phone number is USA and so is the ZIp code for credit card. So thats why id like accounts to be sent to me.

This being said, I tried to register a new account under a diff email of mine to just see how it works. It said that the account was created and i never received that email that's suppose to be sent for activation.

Under admin, setting, company- my e-mail is listed under the admin site e-mail.

What else am i missing here?

anyone at all

Still having an issue with this, how do i get new logins to be sent to my e-mail for activation?

I tried this feature users just line up under users tab waiting for activation without any notification being sent out to the store admin! So this doesn't seem to be of much use to me since it may cause time delays.

This needs to be worked out!