Admin locked out by Access Restriction Addon

I enabled “Access Restriction Addon” then enacted admin access restriction and it automatically added my IP. Then I made a mistake of deleting the IP address in the list (instead of disabling the addon first) and then I got locked out of the admin panel. I can login to the shop as an admin from the customer area, however I can not access the admin panel.
I get this message.
I have tried to restore my blackout from 1 day ago in my web hosting side but nothing helped. Any help will be appreciated.
Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 14.55.23

  • log in the phpmyadmin
  • find the cscart_addons table
  • set the status value for the access_restrictions addon to D
  • delete the var/cache directory manually
  • check the result

That resolved the issue! Thank you for such prompt helpful response.


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