Admin Keeps Logging Out and Shopping Cart Deleting Products

Hi Everyone,

I’m using cs-cart professional 2.1.0 and this is the first time I’m having this problem.

I can login but whenever I click on an order or any other link within the admin panel it automatically logs me out.

Also when I add a product to the cart and when I try to add another product to the cart, the first item gets deleted from the cart.

This is only happening in IE 9.

How can I fix this because this is a really big problem.

Thanks for your help!

Any help anybody?

I don't know what to do and this is really hurting sales.

Please help!

Okay I've reinstalled IE 9 on my computer and tested cs-cart on another computer using IE 9 but it's the same issue.

There is something wrong with the cs-cart program itself.

Is there anybody who can please assist me?

What happens if you use Firefox rather than IE9. Only way to determine the cause is to change a variable (like the browser in this case). Contact the cs-cart help desk if you suspect you have found a browser dependent bug. Or better yet, once you verify that it only occurs on IE-9, submit a bug via the bug tracker.

Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome all work fine.

I use version 2.1.0 and cs-cart is now on 2.2.2 so they should've fixed the bugs, but I can report the bug.

I don't know why this is happening now. My customers and I have been using IE 9 on the site without a problem for more than six months without any issues.

Well, something changed on your site then, probably related to CSS. Have you installed a new addon that might have changed some of the css class definitions?

If you've seen the bug reported in the bug tracker then there's probably a disposition related to it. If there is none, then how is cs-cart to know there's a problem?

No, no new addon was installed.

All this started happening out of the blue last night and 30+ hours later still persists on.

There's no reference to anything in the bug tracker regarding the situation I'm experiencing. I also looked for similar happening on cs-cart forum and found none.

Would you be able to look into it via FTP?

I remember reading about something similar in the bugtracker awhile back:

Don’t you guys ever read & pay attention to details? :D

I did see that thread but there is no solution in there. Also that thread only refers to the Admin issue. I'm also having the shopping cart issue which is the biggest problem out of the two.

Yes, the CS-Cart staff so far have been unable to duplicate on their end.

Perhaps if this is an actual bug, other users will also be able to confirm the problem, although so far only two have reported. Doesn't help that only Windows 7 users are running IE9.

I actually tried on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Both PCs were running IE9.

Since it's something related to IE-9 specifically, I'm not able to help you any further. Browser related issues are really not my thing. Sorry…

[quote]I actually tried on both Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Both PCs were running IE9. [/quote]

Well, if this issue is costing you money to the point of which you need to get it resolved now, then I suggest you enter a support ticket with CS-Cart so they can directly access your site and view the same issue. Otherwise, you may be waiting quite awhile! ;)

I just installed a fresh trial version. I have the same problem no matter which browser I use

Then I would suggest you look into your server (PHP versions, Apache/Ngix errors, etc.) given that the majority of users are not experiencing this issue.