Admin - Edit Shipping Amount in Order Details, bug?

In admin, edit order details, there is a tick next to the shipping amount where supposedly your can edit the shipping amount. However, when I do and then update, it just changes back to the old amount. Is this a bug in 1.3.5 SP4?

Nice feature if I can get it to work. Allows me to override on phone orders and provide custom shipping options outside of the standard.

Is there a fix that anyone knows about?

I’m using the default_orange skin and it works just fine for me…

What skin are you using?

When you click and type in the amount you want are you leaving the checkbox checked and then “Update”?

Thanks for the response. I am using the CS-CART basic skin (light blue color by default) and the check-mark is being left checked. The edit of product cost works perfectly. I’ve had cs-cart make mods, but nothing to my understanding to the shipping code.

I just tried this on the Demo basic skin and it works just fine.

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Are you using real-time shipping or custom?

You might want to contact CS-CART and see if there is anything that they have done that might be causing this to happen. Or maybe one of the many “gurus” out here can help.

Since it is working on both the basic and default_orange, I suspect there is something amiss in the code for your skin.

Hi Web Guy,

I am using real-time shipping. I will contact cs-cart and reply to this thread if there is a fix everyone should know about.

Thanks again!