admin area bugs

Hi all, I’ve done some searching in the forums but haven’t found any leads to my problem. Here’s what’s happening: I was just wrapping up creating a custom skin when the admin area started to act buggy. Specifically I can no longer change skins, exit customization mode or turn on the smarty template debugger. Even worse I can’t even turn on my store! I checked the form values being submitted via firebug and they are all correct but for some reason cs-cart isn’t handling the request and just spits back the same page. To my knowledge I haven’t made any changes in the admin skin, I’m happy with the way it is.

So my question is two fold: Has anyone had simliar issues and if so what did they do to fix the problem? Failing that what would be the best way to re-install the admin area in hopes of correcting the issue? I’d prefer not to reinstall the entire system but if I do what would be the best way of going about that so that I don’t lose all my hard work?

Thanks in advance, r.

delete everything under /var/cache/

Oh wow, that totally did the trick. I cannot tell you how relieved I am this is working again. I seriously wish I could buy you a beer right now because you just saved my bacon. Much appreciated man!