Addon.xml - How Do We Add A Standard Wysiwyg Textarea?

I don't see a straightforward way to add a WYSIWYG textarea via addon.xml without constructing it from scratch with the "template" item definition or hacking it in with a JS init. Is there a template somewhere i can include with various args to get a rendered WYSIWYG?

Ideally, it would be sweet to do right from addon.xml, so that there is no need to reference a template, nor reconstruct the control group stuff. Example, wysiwyg renders the correct goodies.

Or, if a template is required, a way to pull from something common like {include file="common/wysiwyg.tpl" id="addon_option_some_addon_setting" name="addon_data[some_setting]" rows="5" cols="19"}

This seems like a missing feature for addon devs. Thanks.

Not sure I'd see the utility. Can you describe what value this would have and an example of intended use?

The easiest way to use text area with wysiwyg editor is the "template" settings type. Default settings are displayed with the following template and it does not have hooks


Not sure I'd see the utility. Can you describe what value this would have and an example of intended use?

Yeah its a bit fringe, but there are certain times it could be handy -- like including a footer/terms/disclaimer in the hook that can be styled by someone who doesn't do html. This terms summary footer is a necessary paper-wasting evil that Visa insists be in there in all invoice forms, else no immunity from chargebacks (as if there was immunity to begin with).

Some other things could be a "message of the day" or something on admin dashboard, styling a "leave now" legality disclaimer on admin login, making custom email signatures, or customizing/hijacking the "store not available" message (although no hook for this currently).

I'd suggest you simply build a page that applies these settings to your site and save them in the settings_objects tabl. I.e. a local admin settings extension page in the my_changes addon. Would be a pain to go change addon settings themselves every time you want ot change a daily welcome message, etc.

Hmm, regardless of how/where/why they enter data, they still need a WYSIWYG and devs need a way to call one without reinventing the wheel or whatever.

I tried adding it to Tygh and as a settings_field -- seems to work great. Unfortunately there are no hooks in these areas, so the changes are hard coded. This is all that's needed once the new $item.type ("J") is alive. (Previously was using "U" however that collides with "integer" settings type)

{include file="common/wysiwyg.tpl" id="addon_option_{$item.section_name}_{$}" name="addon_data[options][{$item.object_id}]" data={$item.value nofilter} class="{$item.section_name}_{$}"}