Addon [Soft-Solid] - Integration With Eurohermes


We present a new extension to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor which integrates store with service It enables easy integration with the following providers:

  • DHL DE - DHL Paket (DE)/Paket International (EU)
  • Deutsche Post - Warenpost (DE)
  • B2C Europe (EU)
  • Colissimo (FR)
  • GLS DE
  • GLS PL

We start from installing an extension:

After add-on installation, a new shipping method "EuroHermes" is created:

During configuration we set up basic parameters of shipping:

On orders list, we selected orders that we want to ship through EuroHermes. If other orders are marked (the ones with different shipping method), system will filter them and next step will show only EuroHermes orders. After selecting orders, we click on the rack and we select option as shown below:

Next page shows list of selected orders. For each order we can configure shipment parameters:

After generating shipments, under the rack there are documents available for download. Those documents are required to pass package to the courier:

After shipment creation, order management page shows EuroHermes tracking number, with tracking link available:

Documents can be also printed from shipments list level. After creating shipment, if "send notification" checkbox is checked, customer receives an e-mail with tracking number and tracking link.


  • no core file changes
  • Compatibility CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor version 4.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 4.5.x, 4.6.x, 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x, 4.10.x, 4.11.x, 4.12.x

Please, do not hesitate contact us if you have any additional questions.

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Really nice for EU based stores (too bad we already have our own DHL integretions).

But just so I better understand: this would work with our German DHL Paket only, not DHL express, correct?


It is determined by what shippings EuroHermes has enabled:

For example, right now Royal Mail is not available due to Brexit (we got an information that their account is disabled).

The list we included in post was provided by EuroHermes support. So if DHL Express is not on the list, it's probably not available.

But you should check it directly in EuroHermes system. We created an integration with it for Multi-Vendor/CS-Cart, and if they will add a new service, our add-on will also support it.

Best regards,