ADDON: "Quick view for CS-Cart 2.2.x" add-on

Dear CS-Cart users!

Quick view is included in CS-Cart 3 by default but is not available for CS-Cart 2 though it is a useful thing that helps to get the general product details and buy a product quickly without the need to open a product details page[color=#2C2B2B][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3].[/size][/font][/color] Since some of you still use CS-Cart v.2, this add-on can be interesting to you.

We offer “Quick view for CS-Cart 2.2.Ñ…” add-on for $79.


[]Adds the “Quick view” button to all products on category pages;

]Works in a product list and product grid;

[]After clicking the “Quick view” button the pop-up window appears;

]Pop-up includes the following information - product image, product title, product code, price, stock info, options, quantity, description and the buttons - View details, Add to cart, Add to wishlist.


Also, if you use CS-Cart Professional 2.1.x, we will adjust this add-on for your version after the purchase is made.

All information about the add-on and demo are available here.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Best regards, Alt-team