Addon: Parcel Tracking

Similar to our popular ups_tracking addon, this new parcel_tracking addon will show you real-time tracking details for your UPS or USPS shipped items where you have a tracking code and tracking information is available from the carrier (sorry, no FedEx or other shippers at this time).

The admin view will show the complete history on the order details page below the order totals. A customer viewing their order details will see a summary of the last status of the shipment. If they click the shipments tab in their order details, they will see the full shipment history.

Documentation can be viewed at: or in the attachments are of the product details page which is at

If you are a current ups_tracking customer, please contact us for a free upgrade to this new product. Please send your license key to (remove X's)

What a great addon… We just purchased this and got it all installed into our cart and it work awesome… Talk about a time saver… For those who use 3rd party services like etc… It was really a pain when the custom called and wanted to know their tracking info and delivery status… Now we can just log into our cs-cart admin, pull up the order and BAM!! There is all the tracking info along with status updates directly from USPS or UPS if you use them… Thanks again… Another great addon…

This would be interesting if it would be available for CS-C3 ultimate.

Willl be available for Ultimate if/when V3 ever stabilizes. Right now (v3.0) there's zero support for company level license support in the system and with V3.1 coming out and the whole admin becoming a crap-shoot again, there's no point in doing any work toward V3 until one can see what needs to change for V3.1. Priorities would be current V3 PRO for V3.1, then looking at moving things to support Ultimate.

This particular addon can probably become Ultimate compatible because there's really no company level configuration that differs between companies (unlike Mailchimp, XML Data Feeds and others).

But, there's very low volume in this addon so would have to see some interest (and buy-in) to invest any more time/money in it.

I have made the necessary changes to support the Ultimate edition for this addon. You can puchase at:

Thank you very much! I currently am working on 4 storefronts, but I will likely build more after that. I dont know for how many storefronts I should buy.

I completely agree with your comments for supporting ultimate. I am holding off the creating of a number of addons until 3.11 is released.

You'd just have to purchase any additional licenses BEFORE you create the storefronts in Ultimate. Since there's absolutely no storefront level (or domain level) licensing support in Ultimate, the only thing I can do is count the storefronts. Really a weak-spot in Ultimate from my perspective.

You can add additional storefront licenses via Additional Addon Storefront Licenses