Addon: Order Referrer

Conveniently see order referrer information or search engine information directly in the admin view of your order details screen.

If the referrer is a well known search engine (Yahoo, Google, etc.) then the name of the search engine and the search words are displayed in the order details. If the referrer is not well known, then the host and URL are displayed.

Additionally, the city, state and country of the IP address used during the order process is also displayed. This can help you reduce fraud by helping you identify orders placed from a different location than the billing or shipping location.

For orders placed prior to installation of the addon, the referrer or search engine information is retrieved dynamically if possible. Othewise the information is stored with the order so it is always reliable.

The statistics addon must be installed and active for this addon to work properly.

Documentation for the addon can be viewed in the Attachements tab of the product detail page. The product detail page is located at:


We have priced this addon at a very affordable price ($39.99).

This is a very nice add on. On our “old” site (uses that we are changing the end of this year has this feature. It is really nice to see exactly where a particular customer comes from. We are just now working to upgrade so this is probably one add on we will get.

Yes, it also tells you who the referrer is so you get a pretty good idea from just managing orders where your marketing $$ are paying off. So it does IP identification for fraud detection as well as referrer and even the search words used (if it’s a well know referrer).

any screenshots Tony?

Something we would consider, for 2.0.15 or 2.1.2?


any screenshots Tony?


A specific screenshot is attached. There is also screen shots in the documentation at either:


or in the attachments area of the item detail page at:


Note that if the referrer was from a well known search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. that the ‘Referrer Host’ would be Google (or the name of the search engine) and the ‘Referrer URL’ would be replaced by ‘Search Words’ with the words used in the search.


Do i need to turn the statistics on to get it to work? I leave it uninstalled because that slows down my site. Thanks!

Yes, as stated in the documentation, the statistics addon is required. It is what captures the raw session data that is used by the addon.

So what happens when you delete the statistics? Does the information stay on each of the orders even though the statistics were zapped?

Yes it does. The referrer info is saved in the order_data table (its own type) and then displays on the orders. If you zap statistics then it won’t be able to determine referrer info for orders that were placed before the addon was installed. Otherwise it tries to figure it out from the historical statistics data (the saved session info).

Does this addon work with the latest version 2.1.4? Thanks.

Yes, it is not version dependent up to this point.