ADDON: "New Arrivals" add-on

Dear friends!

We would like to announce a new add-on for CS-Cart - “New arrivals” add-on.

This add-on adds a category “New arrivals” in the storefront where new added products appear automatically.


[]“New arrivals” category in the storefront

]automatic filling of “New arrivals” category depending on the date of a product creation (you can use “Update new arrivals” button or set up a cron job)

[*]label “new” next to the new products in a product grid


Read more about this add-on and see demo here.

Our price is $39.

As usually we welcome all your recommendations.

Best regards, Alt-team


I just bought your add-on on your website, but when I click install in the add-ons menu, I get the following errror. I'm under PRO3.02.

[color=#9C3535][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,]

An error in an SQL query occurred during the add-on installation. The add-on will not be installed.[/font][/color][color=#9C3535][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,]

Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 b[/b]:INSERT INTO cscart_categories VALUES (“999”, “O”, “999”, “0”, “0”, “0”, “A”, “0”, “0”, “0”, “N”, “”, “N”, “0”, “N”, “0”, “”, “”, “default”, “0”)[/font][/color]

Hello Pascal!

Please contact us via our HelpDesk system and provide us with temporary ftp access to your site. We will investigate the problem.

You say you are using 3.0.2 version, actually we haven't tested this addon for 3.0.2. The add-on is currently compatible with 2.2.4 and 3.0.1. But we will fix everything for you because “New arrivals” add-on is planned to be compatible with 3.0.2.

Best regards, Alt-team

It seems that this addon is not available for Ultimate?

this should be compatible to 3.0.4 right

Hello P-Pharma and vidan!

This add-on works with CS-Cart Professional and Multi-Vendor, it is not optimized for Ultimate (not able to add a new arrivals category per every storefront). We can do a custom modification to make it work for Ultimate (approx $80).

Dear vidan, yes the add-on is compatible with 3.0.4. We need to correct the versions at our website. You know if you buy an add-on and something seems to be wrong with it, we fix free of charge.

Best regards, Alt-team

[quote]We can do a custom modification to make it work for Ultimate (approx $80).[/quote]

Please add this as a product to your store.

When can you deliver this functionality?

BTW: I noticed that the New Arrivals category does not have a category title. The title is missing on the page and the breadcrumb.

Is it possible to deactivate the 'new' label? I only want to have a paginated listing of new products. I do not need the 'new' labels.

Dear P-Pharma!

We will think over optimizing New arrivals for Ultimate but can't say anything about how soon it will be implemented.

New Arrivals category has all standard functions as any cs-cart category. You can add a category title, description, meta keywords on an editing category page. The breadcrumb should be also displayed correctly. Check our demo http://demo.alt-team…ry_id=999&sl=EN If you change the language on demo, make sure that all titles, names, etc are translated to this language for the correct display.

Unfortunatelly there is not a setting for deactivating a new label (good point here, we'll think over adding it), it is possible to remove this image from the add-on archive

[CS-Cart dir root]/skins/[your_skin]/customer/addons/new_arrivals/images/newest.png

Best regards, Alt-team

Removing the png is a bad idea. Please add a setting to remove the image.

[quote name='P-Pharma' timestamp='1356624755' post='151774']

Removing the png is a bad idea. Please add a setting to remove the image.


Yes, you are right, we'll do a setting for it.

Best regards, Alt-team