Addon: Multiple Daily Deals by CartAddon

This addon lets you sell multiple products on a cheaper price for 24 hours.

Each daily deal product added is sold at a lower price also known as a deal price.

Each daily deal product is only available for one day and expires after 24hrs.

A live countdown included for each daily deal product is seen in the product page to let the customer

know how many more hours will the deal be available.

After 24hrs, the original price of the daily deal product returns

and the deal period for it expires.

Any Number of daily deal products could be added a day.


  1. A Home Page block (Optional) that displays random active deals through JCarousel
  2. A live countdown timer(24 hrs) within every product page of a daily deal item
  3. Admin page for managing daily deal products
  4. Compatible with CS-Cart v4.0.x

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One question, why limit the time to 24 hours. Why not make this so people can do door buster type of deals for 1 hour or make them 2 day events as well.

Any demo link for it>

I didnt know that I got replies here.

I just changed my notification email to immediate.

Wow someone is trying to advertise their products in my own thread.

Please ignore that product. Create your own product thread.

We could extend the functionality of the daily deals addon in coming versions.

We will provide a demo by weekend.

[quote name='ravt' timestamp='1381521526' post='169572']

Any demo link for it>


Here's the demo link: is for sale | HugeDomains

To purchase this, please visit

demo link does not work.

Has anyone tried this addon with version 2.1.1



Hi Dsdewitt, will update the demo link tonight.