Addon/mod Required

Im currently using this addon which generates the sales order from a quote generated in the back end

Currently it uses the standard the emailed sales order/invoice contains the products chosen from the admin when an order is created by admin, but I have lots of custom info I need to tell the customer, sometimes even without any products at all.

I need to be able to place this info, just like I would type in an email to a customer but in the actual sales order body as in jpg attached called body, but spread neatly across the page and without the quantity columns. Then under this the standard sales invoice listing any products etc can be used.

Currently we have to email customers explaining the process we are going to use and then also send an order created in admin, so Id like to combine the 2.

Hope Ive made it clear.

I have set up a custom product with a text area and use this but the qty columns are visible and it looks clumsy.



Is all you are wanting is a text area in the admin panel to write your insructions/info to the customer and if it's not empty, to display that on the customer order details page and the invoice?

That's a pretty simple action if that's all you want done. If so, contact me to get a quote. But given this is "instruction based", I'd augment it by having the ability to select one of many "instruction templates" so you can then just edit the info rather than copy/paste or write it all out each time.

I would place this below all the order data and not try to embed it in the product list area. It could be done there but you would NOT be able to accomplish that with hooks but would have to modify distributed files. But you could put a reference in the product area with a hyperlink to the related text area.

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