Addon: Lazy Load For Images

Hello dear friends. We are glad to announce our new CS-Cart Module "Lazy Load for Images".

It allows you to delay loading for hidden or overflow images. It significantly increases page load speed and interaction with website. Also it is important point of Google Page Speed Insights, that could give up to 30 speed points and much better SEO advantage.

- integrated with UniTheme and YoupiTheme
- easy lazy load integration for custom images

To see module functionality scroll down the homepage and you'll see that new big images are loading. Also to check it you can see that scroller size at the right side is changing when new image appears.

Dear friends, we have relised a new version that fixes some major issues. Who already bought this module - upgrade it ASAP

can add this lazyload for descriptions images too?

can add this lazyload for descriptions images too?

Yes, you need to set necessary attributes manually in description code (class and data-src)

New version with fix for owl carousel elements is relised. We recommend to download latest version.

Hello. We have relised an important hotfix, that fixes appearance for IPhones. We recommend to upgrade.

New version for Unitheme 2 is relised.

uni2 support lazy load ?

Sorry, mean CS-Cart 4.10

Adapted for last versions